Laparoscopic Storz Type TURP Set Inner Outer Resectoscope Sheath Obturator 4mm
Buy: $273.30 EUR
17pc Laparoscopic Surgery Set 5x330mm Endoscopy Laparoscopy Surgical Instruments
Buy: $595.97 EUR
Laparoscopic Hysteroscopy Urology Working Element Monopolar Passive 26FR 4mm 4Pc
Buy: $490.79 EUR
Stainless Steel Gynecology Uterine Manipulator Injector For Hosital VIABLE MSD
Buy: $163.59 EUR
ClaraMed phone endoscope adapter with ACMI/Olympus portable LED light source
Buy: $204.98 EUR
ClaraMed smartphone endoscope adapter with ACMI compatible LED light source S5
Buy: $192.46 EUR
Olympus compatible endoscope LED LIGHT SOURCE + Panasonic Battery + Charger L3
Buy: $165.70 EUR
Auimpex Castroviejo Needle Holder Scissor Forceps Blue 14cm Dental Micro Surgery
Buy: $39.05 EUR
ClaraMed mobile smartphone endoscope adapter with Smart LED light source S1
Buy: $173.21 EUR
Laparoscopic Storz Type Bipolar Vessel Sealer Cutter surgical Instrument 5mmx330
Buy: $177.54 EUR
CIRCON ACMI compatible ultra bright ClaraMed portable endoscope LED light source
Buy: $173.21 EUR
Laparoscopy Gynaecology Storz type Uterine Manipulator Die Injector Instruments
Buy: $106.52 EUR
Mauermayer Stone Punch Set Urology
Buy: $269.45 EUR
Laparoscopic Bipolar Maryland Robi Dissector Cable Surgical Instruments Set 5mm
Buy: $153.36 EUR
Advance Electro Cautery 400w Bipolar Monopolar Unit Cautery Electro Generator
Buy: $712.70 EUR
Adult Rigid Bronchoscope full set all forcps/optical sheath/hook and suction
Buy: $2396.19 EUR
Mini Lambotte Bone Osteotome 6,8,10,12,14 mm x 15 cm 5 PCs Set By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $88.77 EUR
Buy: $130.14 EUR
Buy: $153.96 EUR
3pc Needle Holder Gun Type Curved Left Jaw laproscopic Instrument Set 5mm
Buy: $191.50 EUR
ENT Dental Surgical Medical Examination Integrated Filter Headlamp Surgery Lamp
Buy: $249.23 EUR
GE LOGIQ 3 Ultrasound Parts
Buy: $383.97 EUR
Buy: $176.37 EUR
ClaraMed Battery/USB Powered Smart Portable Endoscope LED Light Source S2
Buy: $173.21 EUR
ClaraMed Battery/USB powered Smart Portable Endoscope LED light source S1
Buy: $153.96 EUR
ClaraMed Battery/USB powered Olympus Endoscope Smart LED light source S3
Buy: $173.21 EUR
Hardy Pituitary Neuro Curettes Transsphenoidal 16 Set Surgical Instruments C-T
Buy: $176.37 EUR
Mathieu Suture Needle Holder - Surgical Scissors - Forceps - Tenotomy Scissors
Buy: $10.79 EUR
Laparoscopy Trocar Suprapubic Trocar SPS 18 Fr 2 Pc & 12 Fr 1Pc Pyramid Tip 3Pc
Buy: $185.25 EUR
Reusable Bipolar Artery Sealer Clamp Forceps 6.5" 4mm Pin with silicon cord
Buy: $58.95 EUR
Laparoscopic Bipolar Maryland Robi Dissector Cable Surgical Instruments Set 5mm
Buy: $209.27 EUR
Laparoscopic Reusable Bipolar Sealer Cutter 5mm with Cable Surgical Instruments
Buy: $157.19 EUR
NEW Model!! Smartphone endoscope coupler adapter
Buy: $71.01 EUR
Laparoscopic Karl Storz Type Suction Irrigation Cannula 5mm and 10mm Tube Set
Buy: $98.24 EUR
TC Castroviejo Needle Holder Scissor Forceps 5.5 Dental Micro Surgery Instrument
Buy: $16.56 EUR
Bone Pelvic Ostetomy Chisel Curved 20 mm x 32 cm Orthopedics Surgical Instrument
Buy: $88.77 EUR
GE 4C-RS Compatible* NEW - 18 Month Warranty - Free Int. Shipping
Buy: $2218.16 EUR
Transsphenoidal Pituitary Instrument 16 PCs Set + box Stainless Steel Chaghi T
Buy: $191.50 EUR
Laparoscopic Vessel Sealer Biclamp with Cable Reusable Surgical Instruments Set
Buy: $155.23 EUR
Clip Applicator 10mmx330mm LT200/LT300/LT400 Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments
Buy: $135.81 EUR
Bone Pelvic Splitter Osteotomy Chisel Straight 20mm x 32cm Orthopedics Surgical
Buy: $81.67 EUR
ICU CCU Vital Signs Patient Monitor ETCO2 Printer IBP NIBP TEMP RESP PR ECG SPO2
Buy: $1462.73 EUR
Laparoscopic Semi Rigid Alligator Biopsy Grasper Scissor Forceps Instrument 5Fr
Buy: $160.27 EUR
Buy: $90.54 EUR
ADDLER Laparoscopy Storz Type Endo clinch Short Grasper Surgical Instruments 5mm
Buy: $56.40 EUR
Laparoscopic Storz Type Bipolar Vessel Sealer Cutter surgical Instrument 5mm 2pc
Buy: $288.69 EUR
New Edition Rhoton micro dissector expanded Steel  20 PCs Set By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $140.86 EUR
Laparoscopic Bipolar Vessel Sealer Cutter Paediatric Instruments Set 5mm x 160mm
Buy: $117.18 EUR
Laparoscopic Biclamp Vessel Sealing Sealer Surgical Instrument Resuable Bipolar
Buy: $94.68 EUR
Tebbetts Fiber optic With Led Light Breast Retractor 150mmX30mm Blade smooth end
Buy: $159.79 EUR
Cinelli Guarded Osteotome 16 cm Straight 4 PCs Set By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $76.94 EUR
Cannulated 7.3mm 18 PCs With Box Surgical Medical Orthopedic Instrument Chaghi T
Buy: $360.87 EUR
Auimpex Castroviejo Needle Holder Scissor Forceps Blue 18cm Dental Micro Surgery
Buy: $44.97 EUR
Crown & Bridge Removal System, Crown Remover Dental Crowns By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $117.18 EUR
Vein Finder LED  Vein Viewer Locator Finder Illuminator -1NO
Buy: $76.64 EUR
3pc Storz-Type Needle Holder Curved Jaw 5mmx330mm Laparoscopic Instruments
Buy: $201.13 EUR
Leksell Stille Bone Rongeur Curved 4mm x 24 cm Surgical & Orthopedic Instruments
Buy: $76.94 EUR
Rhinoplasty Instruments 50 Pieces Set Nose Surgery Reusable German Steel Chaghi
Buy: $418.61 EUR
ClaraMed Battery/USB LED light source compatible with ACMI/Olympus endoscopes
Buy: $182.83 EUR
Flat Nose Plier Cutter Parallel Grip & Vise Grip Locking Pliers 2 PCs Orthopedic
Buy: $152.69 EUR
DHS & DCS 27 PCs Set With Box Surgical Medical Orthopaedic Instrument By Chaghi
Buy: $418.61 EUR
ECO Disposable Medical Examination Nitrile Gloves 100 pcs. CE Blue L, XL
Buy: $17.31 EUR
Reconstruction 2.7 mm Plates 6 to 12 Holes 08 PCs Small Fragments Chaghi Traders
Buy: $117.18 EUR
Raney Haemostatic Scalp Clip Applying Forceps 16 cm 7 PCs Set Neuro Surgical Ins
Buy: $76.94 EUR
Flexable Periotome dental implant & tooth Extraction Screw Periodontal 3 PCs Set
Buy: $88.77 EUR
Austinmoore Rasp Orthopedic Instruments Left & Right By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $88.77 EUR
Fukushima Teardrop Suction Tube  Fr  3 , 5 , 7 , Medium & Large 6 PCs Set Chaghi
Buy: $88.77 EUR
Bristow Bankart Humeral Retractor Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Chaghi Traders
Buy: $82.86 EUR
Biggs Facelift Retractor With Fiber Optic Light Guide 23 Cm 52 mm Wide Chaghi T
Buy: $105.35 EUR
Reconstruction Plate Bending Pliers 2.7 / 3.5 Bending instruments Chaghi Traders
Buy: $176.37 EUR
Cottle Nasal Speculum 75 mm With Fiber Optic Light Guide 2 PCs By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $117.18 EUR
Working Elements Monopolar Passive Single Stem 4mm Storz Compatible Instruments
Buy: $235.77 EUR
Au-Impex 2x TC Castroviejo Needle Holder Scissor 7" 18cm Plier Dental Surgical
Buy: $29.58 EUR
Elastic Nail Orthopedics Instrument 10 Pieces Set Titanium Nail Implants Chaghi
Buy: $176.37 EUR
Posterior Spine System Pedicle Screw And Rod Spine 5.5 mm 14 PCs Set Chaghi Trad
Buy: $303.13 EUR
Crown Remover Dental Removal Dentist Crown & Bridge Removing Black & Silver Set
Buy: $88.77 EUR
Bone Pins 1.5mm 2.0 mm 2.5 mm 60 PCs Set Orthopedic Medical Surgical Instruments
Buy: $140.86 EUR
Tracheostomy Surgical Surgery Orthopedic Instruments 32 PCs Set By Chaghi Trader
Buy: $187.65 EUR
DHS and DCS 16 PCs Set Orthopedic combo surgical instrument By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $216.52 EUR
OR Grade TRACHEOSTOMY JACKSON TUBE Tracheal 4mm To13mm Pack of 3 Stainless Steel
Buy: $53.15 EUR
Quick Coupling Hadles Drill Bit 2.5mm 2.7mm 3.5mm Tap 3.5mm 5 PCs Set Orthopedic
Buy: $100.61 EUR
Laparoscopic Suction Irrigation 10-5mm x330mm Endoscopy Surgical Instruments
Buy: $85.21 EUR
Laparoscopy Grasper Set Of 9 Instrument
Buy: $191.49 EUR
Fukushima Teardrop suction Ball tip traumatic brain Fr 4,6,8,10,12 5 PCs Set C-T
Buy: $81.67 EUR
Breast surgery instruments 8 PCs Set plastic surgery Retractor By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $210.75 EUR
84 x Hemolok Clips Polymer Ligating Weck Hem-o-lok Clips de ligadura de polímero
Buy: $225.29 EUR
Deaver Retractor With Fiber Optic Lighr Guide Llumination 20 cm 16mm Wide Chaghi
Buy: $81.67 EUR
Jordan Knight Perineal Retractor Ring segmented Set Surgical Orthopedic Chaghi
Buy: $624.55 EUR
Laparoscopic Marva Type Uterine Manipulator Teflon Cups Gynecology Aotoclavable
Buy: $88.77 EUR
Crown Remover Dental Removal Black 3 PCs Set Dentist Crown & Bridge Removing C-T
Buy: $82.86 EUR
5pc - Monopolar Resectoscope Cutting Loop Hysteroscopy Endoscopy Instruments
Buy: $117.18 EUR
T/c Wire Cutting Pliers Tungsten Carbide Jaws open up to 6 mm 22 Inch Chaghi Tra
Buy: $153.01 EUR
Universal Modular Femoral Hip Component Extractor Surgical Instruments By Chaghi
Buy: $528.32 EUR
Storz-Type Tenaculam 1x1 Grasper 5mmx330mm Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments
Buy: $71.02 EUR
Micro Forceps Teethed Serrated for Grasping tissue and tumors Micro Instruments
Buy: $62.56 EUR
Elastic-nail-instrument-set interlocking nail instrument set with box.
Buy: $1291.44 EUR
Rhinoplasty Fomon Double Ended Nasal Rasp Medium 4 PCs Set By Chaghi Traders
Buy: $100.61 EUR
Laparoscopic Storz Type Pyramidal Tip Trocar With Cannula 5mm Instruments Set
Buy: $133.23 EUR
Laparoscopic Bipolar Vessel Sealing Bi Clamp With Cable Surgical Instrument Set
Buy: $135.88 EUR
Laparoscopic Monopolar Autoclavable Cable Surgical Instrument Set 5 Piece 5mm
Buy: $182.84 EUR