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Michael Bunch’s Donegal Railway Diary Part One
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Railway Bylines Special October 2008    The Somerset & Dorset Files no 6 by Mart
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Ryan, Gregg - The Works - Inchicore Railway History - CIE 150 Years PB 1998
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Railway Transportation Systems: Design, Construction and Operation by Pyrgidis
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Railway Romantic Fascinating Locomotives and Wonderful bahnstrecken schlütersche
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The Structures Rhaetian Railway Architecture 1889 1949 Dosch GRISCHUNA Book HV6
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The Great Western Railway Volume Four North & West Route by Stanley C. Jenkins
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Book History of the Railway Von Ralf Novel Rossberg
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Book Tempo 200 Railway Today Ralf Novel Rossberg
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Book Die Geschichte Der Railway: Experience Railway Locomotives Wagon Von W.
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Colin Garratt Railway Photographer å √
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Railway Guide International Traffic Summer Timetable Third 1979
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The centenary Railway Wie Master hands they created Artur Fürst Long å √
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Book Encyclopedia of the Railway Motor Book Publisher Transpress
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Railway Breakdown Cranes: Volume 1: by Peter Tatlow Hardcover Book 978190641
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BAM BAIKAL-AMUR MAINLINE Railway USSR MEMORABILIA 1985 Pavlishin drawing Album
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Book Railway Landscape HESSEN Von Wolfgang Clover
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Book Railway Landscape Bremen - Lower Saxony Von Wolfgang Clover
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Book Swiss Tracks Today Railway between Rhine and Rhône
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A History of the Port Talbot Railway & Docks Company & S Wales Mineral Railway 2
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BBC Elektrotechnik in Modern Railway Operation
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Book the Bahnentriebswerk Dillenburg Railway Courrier Krauskopf Vogelbusch
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Book Railway Areas Ruhr Area from Transpress
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The eisenbahnszene-2 Railway and Reunion Ritzau lbs 1991 Å
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Railway Track Diagrams, Book 2 - Eastern by Paperback book 9780954986681
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The Meon Valley Railway: Pt.1: Building The Line by Kevin Robertson Hardcover
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The Lynn and Hunstanton Railway and The West Norfolk Branch (Oakwood Library of
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Railway Wagon Plans by John L. Fox Hardcover Book 9780711038431 NEW
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Railway Depots, Stations & Terminals by Solomon, Brian Hardcover Book 978076
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Die Grössten Railway Disasters France Germany Worldwide
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Die Narrow-Gauge Railway Von Zieglgaensberger and Rabinovich
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Mile by mile: An Illustrated Journey On Britain's Railways as they were in 1947
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Book the German Railway the Eighties Years Von Georg Wagner
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Railroad and Railway zw.1945 and 1951 Encyclopedia
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Book Swiss Railways Claude Jeanmaire Publisher Railway
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Forest of Dean Lines and the Severn Bridge: Vol. 2 (British Railway History)
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Railway Memories: No.29: The Blyth & Tyne and Associated Colliery Railways by Ch
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Railway Accidents (Shire Library) by Greg Morse Paperback Book 9780747813712
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Railway Stations (Britain's Heritage Series) by Bryan, Tim Paperback Book 97
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Bradshaw's Guide Brunel's Railways Swindon to South Wales: Volume 2
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Steam locomotives german Railways BR 41-59 Railway Vehicle Archiv å √
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Book the Delmenhorst-Harpstedter Railway (E) . Heusinkveld, a. Meyer, a.Wagner
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Railway Memories No.27 Sheffield by Chapman, Stephen Paperback Book 97818712
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Book Railways in Luxembourg Von Ed Federmeyer Railway Courrier
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Book The Selke Valley Railway, Authors: zieglgaensberger, Hans Rabinovich,
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Parting Shot: The Railway Photographs of Norman Johnston by Johnston, Norman P
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Railways and the Raj: How the Age of Steam Transformed India by Christian
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The Wemyss Private Railway or Mr.Wemyss Railways (Oakwood Library of Railway His
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The Festiniog Railway: Locomotives at Rolling Stock Quarries and Branches Rebirt
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Railway Days Out (AA), Julian Holland Paperback Book Good 9780749573379
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Book Hessen-Thüringen Locomotives and Landscapes Railway Journal
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Edward Upward. The Scenic Railway. Number 48 of 50 signed and numbered copies.
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Locomotive Magazine no. 40 February 1970 - Reading For All Friends The Railway #
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Bright Underground Spaces: The Railway Stations of Charles Holden by David Lawre
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Book Farewell Von Der Rail Disused Railway Lines in Personenzugverkehr
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Modern Railway 2017 by Cordner, Ken Hardcover Book 9781910415641 NEW
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Book Size Trains Highlights the Railway History Two Axes the Emperor Publisher
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The GWR Handbook: The Great Western Railway 1923-47 by Wragg, David Paperback
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Bradshaws Railway Atlas H/B by Paul Leslie Line Paperback Book 9781844917914
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South Staffordshire Railway: Dudley-Walsall-Lichfield-Burton (including the Blac
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Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide: 1853 Railway Handbook of Europe by Bradsha
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The Brookwood Necropolis Railway by Clarke,John Paperback Book 9780853616559
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Elan Valley Railway: railway of the Birmingham Railway Waterworks (Oakwood Libra
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How to be a Railway Signalman by Dave Walden Hardcover Book 9780711037700
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Two Centuries of Railway Signalling by Alan Williams, Geoffrey Kichenside Hard
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The Red Line: A Railway Journey Through The Cold War by Christopher Knowles Ha
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Scarborough and Whitby Railway Through Time by Robin Lidster Paperback Book
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The Restaurant Car A Century of Railway Catering Geoffrey Kichenside å √
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The Modern Railway 2016 by Ken Cordner Hardcover Book 9781910415306 NEW
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Life in a Railway Factory by Williams, Alfred Paperback Book 9781445600314
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Locomotive Magazine nr. 42 June 1970 - Reading For All Friends The Railway # Å
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Schönes, Old Book__Annual State Railways 11_1960
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Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway by Andy Stansfield Hardcover Book 978184
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The Settle to Carlisle Railway by Gordon Edgar Paperback Book 9781445639611
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Reading to Guildford (Country railway route albums) by Smith, Keith, Mitchell, V
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Book Farewell Von Der Rail Disused Railway Lines 1980 Bis 1985
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Locomotive Magazine nr.36 June 1969 - Reading For All Friends The Railway # Å
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Impermanant Ways : The Closed Railway Lines of Britain: Berkshire Volume 11 by R
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Newton Abbot to Kingswear Railway (Oakwood Library of Railway History) by Potts
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Spirit of the Llangollen Railway by Mike Heath, Karl Heath Hardcover Book 97
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Early Victorian Railway Excursion Crowds by Susan Major Hardcover Book 97814
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Meon Valley Railway 3 Closure & Beyond by Kevin Robertson Hardcover Book 978
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Locomotive Magazine nr.41 April 1970 - Reading For All Friends The Railway # Å
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The North Yorkshire Moors Railway (Amberley Railways) by Cessford, Mark, Alexand
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Edinburgh Suburban and Southside Junction Railway (Oakwood Library of Railway Hi
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Great Railway Journeys: London to Sheffield by Mason, Roger Paperback Book 9
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Eden Valley Railway by Western, Robert Paperback Book 9780853617358 NEW
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Handbook for Railway Steam Locomotive Enginemen (Trains & Railways) by Paperb
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Yeovil to Dorchester (Country railway route albums) by Smith, Keith, Mitchell, V
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The Railway Puzzle Book, Adams, Will Paperback Book Good
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ABC British Railway Atlas by Ball, M.G. Paperback Book 9780711038035 NEW
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The Picturesque Railway: The Lithographs of John Cooke Bourne by Thompson, Matt
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How the Railway Works by Dan Harvey Hardcover Book 9780711038127 NEW
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Book Altbau-Elektrolokomotiven at the German Railway Von Konrad Hierl
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British Railway Atlas 1955 (railway atlas) by Nick Grant (Editor) Hardcover Bo
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A Century of Railway Travel by Atterbury, Paul Hardcover Book 9780747813736
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A Very Political Railway: The Rescue of The North London Line by Asher, Wayne
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York: An Illustrated Railway History (Silver Link Silk Edition) by Mather, David
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London's Historic Railway Stations Through Time by Christopher, John Paperback
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