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Groundwork, by James O'Sullivan *SIGNED COPY* Contemporary Irish poetry
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Pearse, Patrick- Complete Works of P.H Pearse 6 Volume Uniform Set HB c1924-32
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History of the County of Dublin by John D'Alton First Edition 1838
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Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell First Edition
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Tabare, an Indian Legend in Uruguay Juan Zorrilla De San Martin 1956 Hardback
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Ireland- Black's Guide Book 1906 Vintage Travel Guide  Maps & illustrations
$35.0 EUR
Letter Concerning the English Nation, Voltaire 1926 Hardback Edition Uncut Edges
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Decamerone Giovanni Boccaccio Livorno 1812 4 Vols bound in Two
$125.0 EUR
The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan 1906 Embossed Leather Hardcover Gilt Edges
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Lyra Eucharistica. Hymns & Verses. Ed by Rev O Shipley. 1863 1st First Edition.
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$284.49 EUR
Poetry London/Apple Magazine. Vol.1 No. 1. Signed ltd.ed. with Ginsberg record.
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Laverty, Maura - Full and Plenty - Classic Irish cookbook, Vintage 1966 HB ED
$35.0 EUR
The Hollow by Agatha Christie - Signed First Edition 1946
$1991.5 EUR
+9-*Lo! Charles Fort 1931 Hardcover 1st Edition
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The Irish Minstral: Songs for use in irish schools 1906
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Ryan, Gregg - The Works - Inchicore Railway History - CIE 150 Years PB 1998
$30.0 EUR
Ó Sándair, Cathal - Uafás i mBrú na Bóinne - Réics Carló PB Gaeilge 1970
$12.0 EUR
The Story Of The Solar System George F. Chambers 1901 Hardback Book
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The Story Of The Empire Edward Salmon 1902 Hardback Book
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Ní Ghráda, Mairéad - An dtiocfaidh tú isteach? - Vintage primary As Gaeilge
$10.0 EUR
Solomon Gessner. Idyls, or Pastoral Poems;...... annexed a letter to Mr.Fuesslin
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Ciontoiri – The History of Irish Gangsters in America
$35.0 EUR
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Major collection of W. B. Yeats FIRST EDITIONS
$2000.0 EUR
2 Old Russian Historical Books Rare Specimen Vintage Book "History of Mankind"
$380.23 EUR
Mac Amhlaigh, Dónall - Sweeney - Gearrscéalta 1st Ed HB Gaeilge 1970
$12.0 EUR
Ó Céileachar & Ó Conlún An Duinníneach (Pádraig ó Duinnín) HB Gaeilge Biography
$16.0 EUR
Eoghan Ó Grádaigh Dúmhál ( Extortion) Paperback 1ST Ed 1968 Crime As Gaeilge TN
$12.0 EUR
Antique Russian Imperial Book from the Library of Prince Kudashev
$335.71 EUR
Ó Mulláin, Seán - Muiris Ó Riain, Creachadóir- PB 1st Ed Gaeilge 1961 YA
$12.0 EUR
Ó Suilleabháin, Diarmaid - An Uain Bheo - HB 1968 Gaeilge  Novel 1st Ed
$10.0 EUR
Waterford City & County Official Guide 1954 Travel Guide PB with Map Tourism
$12.0 EUR
1557, 1559 CARDANO, DE RERUM VARIETATE + OPUSCULA. TWO RARE FIRST EDITIONS! <br/> Science, magic, astrology in the XVI century. IN-FOLIO.
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1997 A Certain Justice by P D James Signed First Edition
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Limerick City & County Official Guide 1954 Travel Guide PB with Map Tourism
$15.0 EUR
Westmeath Words and Phrases, Séamas Ó Saothraí, James Seery
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Thomas MacDonagh - Collected Poems HB 1916 Rising Vintage Hb
$25.0 EUR
Daido Moriyama - Magazine Work Volumes 1 & 2. New. Signed. Very rare.
$512.1 EUR
1652 1st ed Works of Lactantius Byzantine Constantinople Constantine Orthodox
$302.73 EUR
Tolstoi, An Botháinín Cré ( Rachel Ní Riada)  Gaeilge 1980's Russia Children's
$10.0 EUR
Moira Verschoyle So Long to Wait : An Irish Childhood - 1960 1ed Limerick HB
$15.0 EUR
Seán Ó Mulláin Fir Chlaímh Gaeilge Paperback 1976 YA  Karl Uhlemann Artwork
$12.0 EUR
History of the United States..George Bancroft 1861 vol4
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Tolstoi, Lev  Scéalta do Leanaí ( Stories for Children) Gaeilge 1980's Russia
$10.0 EUR
11 Nice Collectible Books Printed By Gresham.
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Sukhomlinsky, Vasily -An Cleite Ceolmhar ( Singing Feathers) 1st Ed Gaeilge 1988
$10.0 EUR
Rare Antique Psychiatric Old Book - Les syndromes Neuropathique - 1st Edition
Buy: $136.56 EUR
The Capuchin Annual 1962 Issue - Ireland - Religion Art, History - St Patrick
$20.0 EUR
Ó Treasaigh, Lorcán - An Doras Grianlasta - HB 1st Ed 1983 Gaeilge
$12.0 EUR
1556 1st ed Letters of Gelli Commentary on Dante’s INFERNO Italian Florence RARE
$821.69 EUR
Irish Readings. M.h. Gill& Son 1906?? OK Condition.
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Old Russian Historical Book 1896 Rare Specimen Vintage Book "History of England"
$345.63 EUR
Mac Gréil, Micheál - Prejudice and Tolerance in Ireland - SIGNED - PB Sociology
$25.0 EUR
Rare book by Scopoli from 1777
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1795 1st ed Holy Bible Illustrated by James Fittler English Cabinet Bible ART
$1297.41 EUR
Ó Grádaigh, Eoghan  - Ruathar Anall - Pb 1st Ed 1962 Gaeilge Detective Novella
$11.0 EUR
Moloney, Angela - Senior Home Economics - 1978 Vintage Irish School Cookbook
$20.0 EUR
MINIATURE BOOK  "The Complete Sherlock Holmes" wooden bookshelf with vol. 1- 40
$1037.06 EUR
Coogan, Tim Pat - SIGNED A Memoir Hb UK 1st Ed Ireland Author & Journalist
$24.0 EUR
Simmons, James - Selected James Simmons - Poetry Blackstaff PB 1978 SIGNED Derry
$15.0 EUR
1698 1st ed Works John MILTON British History English FOLIO Cromwell ENGLAND
$648.7 EUR
1700 1ed Natural History of Lancashire Illustrated Geography FOSSILS Archaeology
$648.7 EUR
Eamon Kelly - Rub of a Relic PB 1st Ed Mercier 1978 - Kerry Seanchaí
$15.0 EUR
TipperaryOfficial Guide 1954 Vintage Travel Guide PB with Map Tourism Ireland
$12.0 EUR
County Kerry Official Guide 1954 Travel Guide PB with Map Tourism
$15.0 EUR
1791 1st ed Addition of Thomas Pennant History of LONDON Britain Westminster
$648.7 EUR
Stauffer & Co. - The Viennese Guitar of the 19th Century FREE SHIPPING
$198.94 EUR
1813 2vol Tales by George Crabbe Poetry
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Diffley, Sean - The Men in Green - Story of Irish Rugby - HB 1973 Sport History
$20.0 EUR
The Capuchin Annual 1955. Twenty-Third Issue - Ireland - Religion, Art
$20.0 EUR
Sullivan - ( Ed) Speeches from the Dock - 1968 - PB - Irish Political Trials
$14.0 EUR
1891-92 4vol The Strand Magazine Illustrated George Newnes Literature Leather
Buy: $287.01 EUR
The Landed Gentry & Aristocracy of County Wicklow
Buy: $180.0 EUR
Davis, Thomas - Essays and Poems Collected HB 1910s Ireland Patriot
$20.0 EUR
1770 History of Old New Testament BIBLE Illustrated MAPS Judaica Temple 5v SET
$475.72 EUR
Earth's Climate Past and Future Second Edition by William F. Rudderman
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1841 4vol The History of England Smollett New Edition
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Antique Signed Book Avant L'Exile Prince Felix Youssoupoff Yusupov 1953 Russia
$1018.51 EUR
Terence de Vere White - Kevin O'Higgins  ANVIL PRESS 1st PB Ed 1966
$13.0 EUR
Dynamic Meteorology by James R. Holton (Fourth Edition)
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Rare Vintage Oaks Magic Catalogue Tricks, Novelties, Escapes and Illusions
$28.45 EUR
1869 24vol The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray Bayntun Binding Illustrated
Buy: $1235.62 EUR
The Science of Golf a Study In Movement by P Fowlie
$28.39 EUR
A Technological & Scientific Dictionery. 1906. Ok Condition.
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Fore by Charles E Van Loan
$45.46 EUR
book old - History of the decadence de l'empire - old book 17th
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The Northumberland Golf Club Story by George Harbottle
$5.63 EUR
Davis, Thomas - Essays and Poems Collected HB 1910s Ireland Patriot
$24.0 EUR
Forde, Alleen - Not Fair  Catholic Truth Society Pamphlet / Wexford1950's PB
$6.0 EUR
The Brain & Golf by C.W. Bailey 1923
$28.39 EUR
1974 A Quiet War by John Browning First Edition
Buy: $63.79 EUR
Sean Cronin - Frank Ryan - The Search for the Republic - PB 1980 Spain Limerick
$24.0 EUR
Daniel Corkery The Munster Twilight Short Stories Talbot Press c1930 Ireland HB
$20.0 EUR
THE VICTORIES OF WELLINGTON By W.H. Maxwell - 1891, Napoleonic Wars
Buy: $10.0 EUR
History of Knutsford Golf Club 1891-1991
$6.77 EUR
Felix Holt the radical by George Elliot 1920s Hardback
Buy: $10.0 EUR
History of the Bruntsfield Allied Golf Club 1856-1996 signed 1st edtn No 349/600
$20.48 EUR