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1961 Irish Comic As Gaeilge Rebellions 1916 1798 Fenians Pearse Emmet Ireland
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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen in hard leather cover book
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Lilliput magazine July 1944
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Lilliput magazine July 1945
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Lilliput magazine June 1945
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new LITTLE RED BOOK Quotations Chairman Mao China book
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Lilliput magazine March 1944
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Lilliput magazine September 1943
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Lilliput magazine November 1943
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Lilliput magazine June 1943
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Lilliput magazine February 1944
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Lilliput magazine April 1944
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Lilliput magazine October 1944
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Lilliput magazine August 1945
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Pearse, Patrick- Complete Works of P.H Pearse 6 Volume Uniform Set HB c1924-32
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Irish Magazine - November 1904 : Dana
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Lilliput magazine August 1943
$10.0 EUR
The Capuchin Annual 1937 - Vintage with Sean O'Sullivan Art ( Matt Talbot)
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Westmeath Words and Phrases, Séamas Ó Saothraí, James Seery
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Ó Suilleabháin, Diarmaid - An Uain Bheo - HB 1968 Gaeilge Novel 1st Ed
$14.0 EUR
Diffley, Sean - The Men in Green - Story of Irish Rugby - HB 1973 Sport History
$20.0 EUR
Ó Treasaigh, Lorcán - An Doras Grianlasta - HB 1st Ed 1983 Gaeilge
$12.0 EUR
Sean Cronin - Frank Ryan - The Search for the Republic - PB 1980 Spain Limerick
$24.0 EUR
Coogan, Tim Pat - SIGNED A Memoir Hb UK 1st Ed Ireland Author & Journalist
$24.0 EUR
Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell First Edition
$125.0 EUR
1698 1st ed Works John MILTON British History English FOLIO Cromwell ENGLAND
$659.83 EUR
Groundwork, by James O'Sullivan *SIGNED COPY* Contemporary Irish poetry
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Moloney, Angela - Senior Home Economics - 1978 Vintage Irish School Cookbook
$20.0 EUR
Eoghan ó Grádaigh - Triúr don Chómhargadh HB 1st Ed Gaeilge 1968
$14.0 EUR
Mac Gréil, Micheál - Prejudice and Tolerance in Ireland - SIGNED - PB Sociology
$25.0 EUR
George Orwell/1984-First UK Edition-1949.
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Eight Hundred Leagues On The Amazon Jules Verne Rare Book Over 100 Years Old
$49.96 EUR - 34 bids
Ordnance Survey - Gazetteer of Ireland/Gasaitéar na hÉireann PB 1989 Placenames
$15.0 EUR
Ó Grádaigh, Eoghan  - Ruathar Anall - Pb 1st Ed 1962 Gaeilge Detective Novella
$14.0 EUR
Ireland- Black's Guide Book 1906 Vintage Travel Guide  Maps & illustrations
$35.0 EUR
Tolstoi, Lev  Scéalta do Leanaí ( Stories for Children) Gaeilge 1980's Russia
$10.0 EUR
The Capuchin Annual 1955. Twenty-Third Issue - Ireland - Religion, Art
$20.0 EUR
Decamerone Giovanni Boccaccio Livorno 1812 4 Vols bound in Two
$125.0 EUR
Chronicon Mirabile
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Seán Ó Mulláin Fir Chlaímh Gaeilge Paperback 1976 YA  Karl Uhlemann Artwork
$12.0 EUR
John Ross MacDonald The Ivory Grin U.S. 1st First Edition D/W 1952 VG+ Millar
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Poetry London/Apple Magazine. Vol.1 No. 1. Signed ltd.ed. with Ginsberg record.
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Tolstoi, An Botháinín Cré ( Rachel Ní Riada)  Gaeilge 1980's Russia Children's
$10.0 EUR
M.L O'Byrne - Art McMorrough O'Cavanagh - Prince of Leinster HB 1887 Gill
$44.0 EUR
O'Brien, Eoin - Signed - The Charitable Infirmary Jervis Street 1718-1987 Dublin
$20.0 EUR
Solomon Gessner.
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Jane Austen the Illustrated Library, Limited Edition
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Limerick City & County Official Guide 1954 Travel Guide PB with Map Tourism
$15.0 EUR
County Kerry Official Guide 1954 Travel Guide PB with Map Tourism
$15.0 EUR
Original Winnie the Pooh Introductory Booklet.
$60.0 EUR
Davis, Thomas - Essays and Poems Collected HB 1910s Ireland Patriot
$24.0 EUR
Marta Kuhn-Weber.
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Buy: $120.0 EUR
RARE Geoffrey Household Against the Wind 1st Edition UK  D/W 1958 First Autobiog
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Paul Celan. Michael Hamburger.
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Ciontoiri – The History of Irish Gangsters in America
$35.0 EUR
Lilliput magazine December 1942
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Lilliput magazine May 1944
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Lilliput magazine April 1945
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Antique Russian Imperial Book from the Library of Prince Kudashev
$334.96 EUR
1578 1st ed History of Scotland John Leslie Origine Moribus Scotorum Scottish
$2199.45 EUR
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Mc Conmara, Séamus - An Coimhthíoch -Úrscéal Gaeilge 1970
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MINIATURE BOOK  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
$25.51 EUR
1682 1st ed History of Calvinism John Calvin Huguenot Reformation Martin Luther
$483.88 EUR
 The King's England: Cambridgeshire, 1939 1st edition
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$1987.02 EUR
Birds of Trinidad and Tobago by Richard Ffrench and Roger Neckles
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1795 1st ed Holy Bible Illustrated by James Fittler English Cabinet Bible ART
$1319.67 EUR
1708 1st ed Art of Cookery William King Poetry Horace English Cooking Cuisine
$659.83 EUR
Irish Readings. M.h. Gill& Son 1906?? OK Condition.
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THE VICTORIES OF WELLINGTON By W.H. Maxwell - 1891, Napoleonic Wars
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The Irish Minstral: Songs for use in irish schools 1906
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Paulo Coelho THE ALCHEMIST Signed Easton Press 1st Edition 1st Printing
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Rare book by Scopoli from 1777
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History of the United States..George Bancroft 1861 vol4
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Amy Huberman Hello Heartbreak Book
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11 Nice Collectible Books Printed By Gresham.
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$283.85 EUR
Felix Holt the radical by George Elliot 1920s Hardback
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1997 A Certain Justice by P D James Signed First Edition
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$25.51 EUR
1876 2vols The Saxons in England by John Mitchell Kemble a New Edition
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MINIATURE BOOK  Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland
$25.51 EUR
Cornelius Agrippa / 2 Volumes by Henry Morley
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1825 2 Vol in 1 The Story of a Life Moyle Sherer First Edition
Buy: $281.42 EUR
1777 3vol Miscellaneous Works of the Late Philip Dormer Stanhope 1st Dublin Edit
Buy: $314.91 EUR
Vintage Irish Hardback Book - History of the Irish Citizen Army - R.M.Fox - 1945
$7.38 EUR
History of Plantes poisonous of the Swiss - book old - old book 18th
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1973 To The War With Waugh by John St John Signed Limited Edition
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1546 Folio ed Complete Works of EUCLID Elements Mathematics Logic Data Geometry
$6598.34 EUR
1596 1st ed Bible & Commentary of Portuguese JESUIT Manuel de Sa Plantin Press
$747.81 EUR
1813 2vol Tales by George Crabbe Poetry
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TRUE HUMANISM by Jacques Maritain - 1939 - Catholic philosophy
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1597 Geneva BIBLE Old & New Testament Apocrypha Grashop Bible Chart Puritans
$3079.22 EUR
1920-1924 5Vol Selected Works of George Moore Signed Limited Edition Illustrated
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1597 1st John Gerarde Herball Plants English Herbal Illustrated Stirpium Botany
$13196.67 EUR
1885 William Mavor The English Spelling-Book Illustrated First Edition
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In and Under Mexico by Ralph Ma.A Ingersol 1924
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